Email : westerndragon01@yahoo.com

Business phone # ( 510 ) 232 - 2641

School hours 3:00pm. - 9:00pm.

           Welcome to Ed Hernandez Karate . The summer program will 

start on August 20th. The class is safe , fun and very educational . 

We stretch our muscle groups to reduce the risk of injury and prepare

for our class program . 

Karate offers significant physical , mental , emotional , and social benefits .

                          It is a good way to clear your mind , reduce stress , and

build self confidence .

We have been at this location for twenty years .

Call or visit the school . No contracts . Se habla espanol .

Ask for Mr. Hernandez

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Summer special

2 Week special      $40.00 Dollars 

Karate lessons . We have classes Monday 

through Friday and Saturday morning.

The practice is safe , fun and educational .

Karate training is ideal for physical fitness and 

self defense . Our well structured program also

provides the benefits of confidence , control , 

discipline and respect .

Call or visit the school . Ask for Mr. Hernandez