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Christmas promotion .

$80.00 Dollars for December with a

new karate uniform included . 

 Merry Christmas !

Karate benefits : 

Keen awareness . Self esteem . Discipline .

Physical fitness . Good self defense program .

Basic martial art instruction .

Ask for Instructor Ed .

31 Years experience .








      ED HERNANDEZ KARATE .    Home of the western dragons .

          *     Classes separated by age and skill level for members six to ten years of age

 ED HERNANDEZ KARATE        BUSINESS PHONE ( 510 ) 232- 2641

14501 S . P. Ave . Suite ( E. ) San Pablo , California

           Email :

   Happy holidays and welcome to our school of karate. We are located

across Contra costa college , behind the Pizza Hut , next to 7/ Eleven . The school

has been at this location for 19 years . You can enroll today on a month to month basis .

We are open Monday through Friday from 3:00pm. til 9:00pm. We offer classes are Saturday

morning from 9:00am til 1:00pm. Call or visit the school . Ask for Mr. Hernandez

Se habla espanol . Good training . No contracts .

 The members of the school are divided into different classes in accordance with their

age and belt level . The program has four levels of progress .

Level one - Introduction to the formalities and our physical fitness program .

Level two - Basic fundamentals and kata ( forms ) .

Level three - The sparring class .

Level four -  The self defense system .